ompl::geometric::Discretization< Motion > Class Template Reference

One-level discretization used for KPIECE. More...

#include <ompl/geometric/planners/kpiece/Discretization.h>


struct  CellData
 The data held by a cell in the grid of motions. More...
struct  OrderCellsByImportance
 Definintion of an operator passed to the Grid structure, to order cells by importance. More...

Public Types

using Grid = GridB< CellData *, OrderCellsByImportance >
 The datatype for the maintained grid datastructure.
using Cell = typename Grid::Cell
 The datatype for the maintained grid cells.
using Coord = typename Grid::Coord
 The datatype for the maintained grid coordinates.
using FreeMotionFn = typename std::function< void(Motion *)>
 The signature of a function that frees the memory for a motion.

Public Member Functions

 Discretization (FreeMotionFn freeMotion)
void setBorderFraction (double bp)
 Set the fraction of time for focusing on the border (between 0 and 1). This is the minimum fraction used to select cells that are exterior (minimum because if 95% of cells are on the border, they will be selected with 95% chance, even if this fraction is set to 90%)
double getBorderFraction () const
 Set the fraction of time for focusing on the border (between 0 and 1).
void setDimension (unsigned int dim)
 Set the dimension of the grid to be maintained.
void clear ()
 Restore the discretization to its original form.
void countIteration ()
std::size_t getMotionCount () const
std::size_t getCellCount () const
void freeMemory ()
 Free the memory for the motions contained in a grid.
unsigned int addMotion (Motion *motion, const Coord &coord, double dist=0.0)
 Add a motion to the grid containing motions. As a hint, dist specifies the distance to the goal from the state of the motion being added. The function returns the number of cells created to accommodate the new motion (0 or 1). The discretization takes ownership of the motion passed as argument, and the memory for the motion is freed by calling the function passed to the constructor.
void selectMotion (Motion *&smotion, Cell *&scell)
 Select a motion and the cell it is part of from the grid of motions. This is where preference is given to cells on the boundary of the grid.
bool removeMotion (Motion *motion, const Coord &coord)
void updateCell (Cell *cell)
const GridgetGrid () const
void getPlannerData (base::PlannerData &data, int tag, bool start, const Motion *lastGoalMotion) const

Detailed Description

template<typename Motion>
class ompl::geometric::Discretization< Motion >

One-level discretization used for KPIECE.

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