OMPL is developed and maintained by the Kavraki Lab at Rice University, led by Dr. Lydia Kavraki. The development is coordinated by Dr. Mark Moll, Dr. Lydia Kavraki (Rice) and Dr. Ioan Șucan (Waymo, formerly Rice). Many others have contributed to OMPL as well, as can be seen below.

Contributors (in alphabetical order)

A breakdown of all contributions by commits can be found on GitHub for the OMPL and repositories. Note that the number of commits or number of lines of code written by a contributor is a far from perfect indicator of the significance of a person's contributions. Indeed, some significant contributions like the initial RRT* implementation do not even show up on these pages, since this code predates the move to Github. Below is a manually curated list of people who have made significant contributions and the groups they were affiliated with at the time.