Representation of a simple grid. More...

#include <ompl/datastructures/Grid.h>

Inheritance diagram for ompl::Grid< _T >:


struct  Cell
 Definition of a cell in this grid. More...
struct  EqualCoordPtr
 Equality operator for coordinate pointers. More...
struct  HashFunCoordPtr
struct  SortComponents
 Helper to sort components by size. More...

Public Types

using Coord = Eigen::VectorXi
 Definition of a coordinate within this grid.
using CellArray = std::vector< Cell * >
 The datatype for arrays of cells.
using iterator = typename CoordHash::const_iterator
 We only allow const iterators.

Public Member Functions

 Grid (unsigned int dimension)
 The constructor takes the dimension of the grid as argument.
virtual ~Grid ()
virtual void clear ()
 Clear all cells in the grid.
unsigned int getDimension () const
 Return the dimension of the grid.
void setDimension (unsigned int dimension)
bool has (const Coord &coord) const
 Check if a cell exists at the specified coordinate.
CellgetCell (const Coord &coord) const
 Get the cell at a specified coordinate.
void neighbors (const Cell *cell, CellArray &list) const
 Get the list of neighbors for a given cell.
void neighbors (const Coord &coord, CellArray &list) const
 Get the list of neighbors for a given coordinate.
void neighbors (Coord &coord, CellArray &list) const
 Get the list of neighbors for a given coordinate.
std::vector< std::vector< Cell * > > components () const
 Get the connected components formed by the cells in this grid (based on neighboring relation)
virtual CellcreateCell (const Coord &coord, CellArray *nbh=nullptr)
virtual bool remove (Cell *cell)
virtual void add (Cell *cell)
 Add an instantiated cell to the grid.
virtual void destroyCell (Cell *cell) const
 Clear the memory occupied by a cell; do not call this function unless remove() was called first.
void getContent (std::vector< _T > &content) const
 Get the data stored in the cells we are aware of.
void getCoordinates (std::vector< Coord * > &coords) const
 Get the set of coordinates where there are cells.
void getCells (CellArray &cells) const
 Get the set of instantiated cells in the grid.
void printCoord (Coord &coord, std::ostream &out=std::cout) const
 Print the value of a coordinate to a stream.
bool empty () const
 Check if the grid is empty.
unsigned int size () const
 Check the size of the grid.
virtual void status (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const
 Print information about the data in this grid structure.
iterator begin () const
 Return the begin() iterator for the grid.
iterator end () const
 Return the end() iterator for the grid.

Protected Types

using CoordHash = std::unordered_map< Coord *, Cell *, HashFunCoordPtr, EqualCoordPtr >
 Define the datatype for the used hash structure.

Protected Member Functions

void freeMemory ()
 Free the allocated memory.

Protected Attributes

unsigned int dimension_
 The dimension of the grid.
unsigned int maxNeighbors_
 The maximum number of neighbors a cell can have (2 * dimension)
CoordHash hash_
 The hash holding the cells.

Detailed Description

template<typename _T>
class ompl::Grid< _T >

Representation of a simple grid.

Definition at line 83 of file Grid.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createCell()

template<typename _T >
virtual Cell* ompl::Grid< _T >::createCell ( const Coord coord,
CellArray nbh = nullptr 

Instantiate a new cell at given coordinates; optionally Return the list of future neighbors. Note: this call only creates the cell, but does not add it to the grid. It however updates the neighbor count for neighboring cells

Reimplemented in ompl::GridB< _T, LessThanExternal, LessThanInternal >, and ompl::GridB< CellData *, OrderCellsByImportance >.

Definition at line 284 of file Grid.h.

◆ remove()

template<typename _T >
virtual bool ompl::Grid< _T >::remove ( Cell cell)

Remove a cell from the grid. If the cell has not been Added to the grid, only update the neighbor list

Definition at line 295 of file Grid.h.

◆ setDimension()

template<typename _T >
void ompl::Grid< _T >::setDimension ( unsigned int  dimension)

Update the dimension of the grid; this should not be done unless the grid is empty

Definition at line 166 of file Grid.h.

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