ompl::multilevel::BundleSpaceMetricGeodesic Class Reference

#include <ompl/multilevel/datastructures/metrics/Geodesic.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BundleSpaceMetricGeodesic (BundleSpaceGraph *)
virtual double distanceBundle (const Configuration *xStart, const Configuration *xDest) override
virtual double distanceFiber (const Configuration *xStart, const Configuration *xDest) override
virtual double distanceBase (const Configuration *xStart, const Configuration *xDest) override
virtual void interpolateBundle (const Configuration *q_from, const Configuration *q_to, const double step, Configuration *q_interp) override
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 BundleSpaceMetric (BundleSpaceGraph *)
virtual void clear ()
void interpolateBundle (const Configuration *q_from, const Configuration *q_to, Configuration *q_interp)
void interpolateBundle (const Configuration *q_from, Configuration *q_to)

Additional Inherited Members

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using Configuration = ompl::multilevel::BundleSpaceGraph::Configuration
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Detailed Description

Geodesic Bundle Space Metric: Reverting to the intrinsic metric of each space, i.e. we ignore the base space (naive, but fast)

Definition at line 118 of file Geodesic.h.

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