ompl::multilevel::BundleSpaceGraph::Configuration Class Reference

A configuration in Bundle-space. More...

#include <ompl/multilevel/datastructures/BundleSpaceGraph.h>

Public Member Functions

 Configuration (const ompl::base::SpaceInformationPtr &si)
 Configuration (const ompl::base::SpaceInformationPtr &si, const ompl::base::State *state_)
void setPDFElement (void *element_)
void * getPDFElement ()

Public Attributes

ompl::base::Statestate {nullptr}
ompl::control::Controlcontrol {nullptr}
unsigned int total_connection_attempts {0}
unsigned int successful_connection_attempts {0}
bool on_shortest_path {false}
void * pdf_element
 Element of Probability Density Function (needed to update probability)
bool isStart {false}
bool isGoal {false}
Configurationparent {nullptr}
 parent index for {qrrt*}
base::Cost cost
 cost to reach until current vertex in {qrrt*}
base::Cost lineCost
 same as rrt*, connection cost with parent {qrrt*}
std::vector< Configuration * > children
 The set of motions descending from the current motion {qrrt*}.
normalized_index_type index {-1}
 Index of configuration in boost::graph. Usually in the interval [0,num_vertices(graph)], but if vertices are deleted or graphs are copied, we sometimes need to map them back to [0, num_vertices(graph)]

normalized_index_type representativeIndex {-1}
 Access to the representatives (Sparse Vertex) of the Dense vertices For Sparse Graph: Store index of Sparse Vertex which is represtative of Dense Graph Vertex.
std::set< normalized_index_type > nonInterfaceIndexList
 Access to all non-interface supporting vertices of the sparse nodes.
std::unordered_map< normalized_index_type, std::set< normalized_index_type > > interfaceIndexList
 Access to the interface-supporting vertice hashes of the sparse nodes.
std::vector< Configuration * > reachableSet

Detailed Description

A configuration in Bundle-space.

Definition at line 128 of file BundleSpaceGraph.h.

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