ompl::base::StateSampler Class Referenceabstract

Abstract definition of a state space sampler. More...

#include <ompl/base/StateSampler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StateSampler (const StateSampler &)=delete
StateSampleroperator= (const StateSampler &)=delete
 StateSampler (const StateSpace *space)
virtual void sampleUniform (State *state)=0
 Sample a state.
virtual void sampleUniformNear (State *state, const State *near, double distance)=0
 Sample a state near another, within a neighborhood controlled by a distance parameter. More...
virtual void sampleGaussian (State *state, const State *mean, double stdDev)=0
 Sample a state using a Gaussian distribution with given mean and standard deviation (stdDev). More...

Protected Attributes

const StateSpacespace_
 The state space this sampler samples.
RNG rng_
 An instance of a random number generator.

Detailed Description

Abstract definition of a state space sampler.

Definition at line 128 of file StateSampler.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ sampleGaussian()

◆ sampleUniformNear()

virtual void ompl::base::StateSampler::sampleUniformNear ( State state,
const State near,
double  distance 
pure virtual

Sample a state near another, within a neighborhood controlled by a distance parameter.

Typically, StateSampler-derived classes will return in state a state that is uniformly distributed within a ball with radius distance defined by the distance function from the corresponding state space. However, this is not guaranteed. For example, the default state sampler for the RealVectorStateSpace returns samples uniformly distributed using L_inf distance, while the default distance function is L_2 distance.

Implemented in ompl::base::InformedStateSampler, ompl::base::SE2DeterministicStateSampler, ompl::base::SubspaceStateSampler, ompl::base::RealVectorDeterministicStateSampler, ompl::base::CompoundStateSampler, ompl::base::SO2DeterministicStateSampler, ompl::base::CForestStateSampler, ompl::base::ProjectedStateSampler, ompl::base::WrapperStateSampler, ompl::base::SphereStateSampler, ompl::base::RealVectorStateSampler, ompl::base::SO3StateSampler, ompl::base::KleinBottleStateSampler, ompl::base::TorusStateSampler, ompl::base::PrecomputedStateSampler, ompl::base::DiscreteStateSampler, ompl::base::SO2StateSampler, ompl::base::TimeStateSampler, ompl::base::AtlasStateSampler, and ompl::base::DeterministicStateSampler.

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