This project is supported in part by NSF NRI grant #1830549, NSF IIS grant #1718478, NSF NRI grant #1317849, NSF Expeditions grant #1139011, NSF CCLI grant #0920721 to Lydia Kavraki and a generous gift from Willow Garage. The code is based on an older version of OMPL written by Ioan Șucan while at Willow Garage. This project has also benefited from a number of other efforts:

  • Previous efforts by the Kavraki Lab to develop a motion planning software package. The Object-Oriented System for Motion Planning (OOPSMP) in particular provided significant inspiration in the design of OMPL. We are indebted to all other Kavraki Lab members, past and present, for providing code, inspiration, and feedback. Previous work by Erion Plaku, Kostas Bekris, and Andrew Ladd in particular has been influential in the design of OMPL.
  • Useful discussions with Dr. Sachin Chitta and Dr. Gil Jones.
  • Interactions of the Kavraki Lab with NASA and in particular with Dr. Julia Badger.
  • Feedback from students at Rice University who have taken comp450/comp550 “Algorithmic Robotics.”