ompl::multilevel::FindSection Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

 FindSection (PathRestriction *)
virtual bool solve (HeadPtr &head)=0
bool findFeasibleStateOnFiber (const base::State *xBase, base::State *xBundle)
 Sample state on fiber while keeping base state fixed.
bool tripleStep (HeadPtr &head, const base::State *sBundleGoal, double locationOnBasePathGoal)
 Triple step pattern.

Protected Attributes

 Pointer to associated bundle space.
base::StatexBaseTmp_ {nullptr}
base::StatexBundleTmp_ {nullptr}
base::StatexFiberStart_ {nullptr}
base::StatexFiberGoal_ {nullptr}
base::StatexFiberTmp_ {nullptr}
ParameterExponentialDecay neighborhoodRadiusBaseSpace_
 Radius of restriction neighborhood.
double neighborhoodRadiusBaseSpaceLambda_ {1.0}
double neighborhoodRadiusBaseSpaceTarget_ {0.5}
double validBaseSpaceSegmentLength_
 Step size to check validity.
double validBundleSpaceSegmentLength_
double validFiberSpaceSegmentLength_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file FindSection.h.

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