ompl::geometric::RRTstar::Motion Class Reference

Representation of a motion. More...

#include <ompl/geometric/planners/rrt/RRTstar.h>

Public Member Functions

 Motion (const base::SpaceInformationPtr &si)
 Constructor that allocates memory for the state. This constructor automatically allocates memory for state, cost, and incCost.

Public Attributes

 The state contained by the motion.
 The parent motion in the exploration tree.
bool inGoal
 Set to true if this vertex is in the goal region.
base::Cost cost
 The cost up to this motion.
base::Cost incCost
 The incremental cost of this motion's parent to this motion (this is stored to save distance computations in the updateChildCosts() method)
std::vector< Motion * > children
 The set of motions descending from the current motion.

Detailed Description

Representation of a motion.

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