Public Member Functions

 KoulesSimulator (const ompl::control::SpaceInformation *si)
void step (const ompl::base::State *start, const ompl::control::Control *control, const double t, ompl::base::State *result)

Protected Types

using CollisionEvent = std::tuple< double, unsigned int, unsigned int >
using CollisionEventQueue = std::priority_queue< CollisionEvent, std::vector< CollisionEvent >, std::greater< CollisionEvent > >

Protected Member Functions

void initCollisionEvents ()
double wallCollideEvent (unsigned int i, int dim)
void elasticCollision (unsigned int i, unsigned int j)
void computeCollisionEvent (unsigned int i, unsigned int j)
void advance (double t)
void markAsDead (unsigned int i)
void updateShip (const ompl::control::Control *control, double t)

Protected Attributes

const ompl::control::SpaceInformationsi_
unsigned int numDimensions_
unsigned int numKoules_
std::vector< double > qcur_
std::vector< double > qnext_
std::vector< bool > dead_
double time_
double endTime_
CollisionEventQueue collisionEvents_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file KoulesSimulator.h.

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