ompl::tools::Benchmark::Request Struct Reference

Representation of a benchmark request. More...

#include <ompl/tools/benchmark/Benchmark.h>

Public Member Functions

 Request (double maxTime=5.0, double maxMem=4096.0, unsigned int runCount=100, double timeBetweenUpdates=0.05, bool displayProgress=true, bool saveConsoleOutput=true, bool simplify=true)
 Constructor that provides default values for all members.

Public Attributes

double maxTime
 the maximum amount of time a planner is allowed to run (seconds); 5.0 by default
double maxMem
 the maximum amount of memory a planner is allowed to use (MB); 4096.0 by default
unsigned int runCount
 the number of times to run each planner; 100 by default If set to 0, then run each planner as many times as possible with maxTime total time limit
double timeBetweenUpdates
 When collecting time-varying data from a planner during its execution, the planner's progress will be queried every timeBetweenUpdates seconds.
bool displayProgress
 flag indicating whether progress is to be displayed or not; true by default
bool saveConsoleOutput
 flag indicating whether console output is saved (in an automatically generated filename); true by default
bool simplify
 flag indicating whether simplification should be applied to path; true by default

Detailed Description

Representation of a benchmark request.

Definition at line 252 of file Benchmark.h.

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