ompl::control::PDST::Cell Struct Reference

Cell is a Binary Space Partition. More...

#include <ompl/control/planners/pdst/PDST.h>

Public Member Functions

 Cell (double volume, base::RealVectorBounds bounds, unsigned int splitDimension=0)
void subdivide (unsigned int spaceDimension)
 Subdivides this cell.
Cellstab (const Eigen::Ref< Eigen::VectorXd > &projection) const
 Locates the cell that this motion begins in.
void addMotion (Motion *motion)
 Add a motion.
unsigned int size () const
 Number of cells.

Public Attributes

double volume_
 Volume of the cell.
unsigned int splitDimension_
 Dimension along which the cell is split into smaller cells.
double splitValue_
 The midpoint between the bounds_ at the splitDimension_.
 The left child cell (nullptr for a leaf cell)
 The right child cell (nullptr for a leaf cell)
base::RealVectorBounds bounds_
 A bounding box for this cell.
std::vector< Motion * > motions_
 The motions contained in this cell. Motions are stored only in leaf nodes.

Detailed Description

Cell is a Binary Space Partition.

Definition at line 302 of file PDST.h.

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