ompl::multilevel::CompoundProjection Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CompoundProjection (const base::StateSpacePtr &bundleSpace, const base::StateSpacePtr &baseSpace, const std::vector< ProjectionPtr > &components)
void project (const ompl::base::State *xBundle, ompl::base::State *xBase) const override
void lift (const ompl::base::State *xBase, ompl::base::State *xBundle) const override
virtual void print (std::ostream &out) const override
 Print to stream.
unsigned int getBaseDimension () const
 Dimension of Base Space.
unsigned int getDimension () const
 Dimension of Bundle Space.
unsigned int getCoDimension () const
 Dimension of Bundle - Dimension of Base.
bool isFibered () const override
 Check that every compound has an explicit fiber representation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ompl::multilevel::Projection
 Projection (base::StateSpacePtr bundleSpace, base::StateSpacePtr baseSpace)
unsigned int getCoDimension () const
unsigned int getDimension () const
unsigned int getBaseDimension () const
base::StateSpacePtr getBundle () const
base::StateSpacePtr getBase () const
virtual bool isAdmissible () const
ProjectionType getType () const
void setType (const ProjectionType)
std::string getTypeAsString () const
std::string getBundleTypeAsString () const
std::string getBaseTypeAsString () const
std::string stateTypeToString (base::StateSpacePtr) const
 Return string representing type of ompl::base::StateSpace.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ompl::multilevel::Projection
base::StateSpacePtr bundleSpace_ {nullptr}
base::StateSpacePtr baseSpace_ {nullptr}
ProjectionType type_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 162 of file Projection.h.

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