ompl::geometric::aitstar::Edge Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Edge ()
 Needs a default constructor for the binary heap.
 Edge (const std::shared_ptr< Vertex > &parent, const std::shared_ptr< Vertex > &child, const std::array< ompl::base::Cost, 3u > &sortKey)
 Constructs an edge from a parent, a child, and the sort key.
 ~Edge ()=default
 Destructs an edge.
std::shared_ptr< VertexgetParent () const
 Returns the parent in this edge.
std::shared_ptr< VertexgetChild () const
 Returns the child in this edge.
const std::array< ompl::base::Cost, 3u > & getSortKey () const
 Returns the sort key associated with this edge.
void setSortKey (const std::array< ompl::base::Cost, 3u > &key)
 Sets the sort key associated with this edge.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 151 of file Edge.h.

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