ompl::geometric::SBL::Motion Class Reference

Representation of a motion. More...

#include <ompl/geometric/planners/sbl/SBL.h>

Public Member Functions

 Motion ()=default
 Default constructor. Allocates no memory.
 Motion (const base::SpaceInformationPtr &si)
 Constructor that allocates storage for a state.

Public Attributes

const base::Stateroot {nullptr}
 The root of the tree this motion would get to, if we were to follow parent pointers.
base::Statestate {nullptr}
 The state this motion leads to.
Motionparent {nullptr}
 The parent motion – it contains the state this motion originates at.
bool valid {false}
 Flag indicating whether this motion has been checked for validity.
std::vector< Motion * > children
 The set of motions descending from the current motion.

Detailed Description

Representation of a motion.

Definition at line 242 of file SBL.h.

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