ompl::geometric::LBTRRT::Motion Class Reference

Representation of a motion. More...

#include <ompl/geometric/planners/rrt/LBTRRT.h>

Public Member Functions

 Motion (const base::SpaceInformationPtr &si)
 Constructor that allocates memory for the state.

Public Attributes

base::Statestate_ {nullptr}
 The state contained by the motion.
std::size_t id_
 unique id of the motion
double costLb_
 The lower bound cost of the motion while it is stored in the lowerBoundGraph_ and this may seem redundant, the cost in lowerBoundGraph_ may change causing ordering according to it inconsistencies.
MotionparentApx_ {nullptr}
 The parent motion in the approximation tree.
double costApx_ {0.0}
 The approximation cost.
std::vector< Motion * > childrenApx_
 The children in the approximation tree.

Detailed Description

Representation of a motion.

a motion is a simultunaeous represntation of the two trees used by LBT-RRT a lower bound tree named Tlb and an approximaion tree named Tapx.

Definition at line 255 of file LBTRRT.h.

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