ompl::control::GridDecomposition Class Reference

A GridDecomposition is a Decomposition implemented using a grid. More...

#include <ompl/control/planners/syclop/GridDecomposition.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GridDecomposition (int len, int dim, const base::RealVectorBounds &b)
 Constructor. Creates a GridDecomposition as a hypercube with a given dimension, side length, and bounds. The cells of the hypercube are referenced by integer coordinates of the form \((r_1,\ldots,r_k)\), where \( 0 \leq r_i < \texttt{len}\).
int getNumRegions () const override
 Returns the number of regions in this Decomposition.
double getRegionVolume (int) override
 Returns the volume of a given region in this Decomposition.
void getNeighbors (int rid, std::vector< int > &neighbors) const override
 Stores a given region's neighbors into a given vector.
int locateRegion (const base::State *s) const override
 Returns the index of the region containing a given State. Most often, this is obtained by first calling project(). Returns -1 if no region contains the State.
void sampleFromRegion (int rid, RNG &rng, std::vector< double > &coord) const override
 Samples a projected coordinate from a given region.
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 Decomposition (int dim, const base::RealVectorBounds &b)
 Constructor. Creates a Decomposition with a given dimension and a given set of bounds. Accepts as an optional argument a given number of regions.
virtual int getDimension () const
 Returns the dimension of this Decomposition.
virtual const base::RealVectorBoundsgetBounds () const
 Returns the bounds of this Decomposition.
virtual void project (const base::State *s, std::vector< double > &coord) const =0
 Project a given State to a set of coordinates in R^k, where k is the dimension of this Decomposition.
virtual void sampleFullState (const base::StateSamplerPtr &sampler, const std::vector< double > &coord, base::State *s) const =0
 Samples a State using a projected coordinate and a StateSampler.

Protected Member Functions

virtual const base::RealVectorBoundsgetRegionBounds (int rid) const
 Helper method to return the bounds of a given region.
void regionToGridCoord (int rid, std::vector< int > &coord) const
 Converts a given region to a coordinate in the grid.
int gridCoordToRegion (const std::vector< int > &coord) const
 Converts the given grid coordinate to its corresponding region ID.
int coordToRegion (const std::vector< double > &coord) const
 Converts a decomposition space coordinate to the ID of the region that contains iit.
void coordToGridCoord (const std::vector< double > &coord, std::vector< int > &gridCoord) const
 Converts a decomposition space coordinate to a grid coordinate.
void computeGridNeighbors (int rid, std::vector< int > &neighbors) const
 Computes the neighbors of the given region in a n-dimensional grid.
void computeGridNeighborsSub (const std::vector< int > &coord, std::vector< int > &neighbors, int dim, std::vector< int > &candidate) const

Protected Attributes

int length_
double cellVolume_
std::unordered_map< int, std::shared_ptr< base::RealVectorBounds > > regToBounds_
- Protected Attributes inherited from ompl::control::Decomposition
int dimension_
base::RealVectorBounds bounds_

Detailed Description

A GridDecomposition is a Decomposition implemented using a grid.

Definition at line 117 of file GridDecomposition.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ computeGridNeighborsSub()

void ompl::control::GridDecomposition::computeGridNeighborsSub ( const std::vector< int > &  coord,
std::vector< int > &  neighbors,
int  dim,
std::vector< int > &  candidate 
) const

Recursive subroutine for grid neighbor computation

Definition at line 126 of file GridDecomposition.cpp.

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