ompl::NearestNeighborsFLANN< _T, _Dist > Class Template Reference

Wrapper class for nearest neighbor data structures in the FLANN library. More...

#include <ompl/datastructures/NearestNeighborsFLANN.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NearestNeighborsFLANN (std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > params)
void clear () override
 Clear the datastructure.
bool reportsSortedResults () const override
 Return true if the solutions reported by this data structure are sorted, when calling nearestK / nearestR.
void setDistanceFunction (const typename NearestNeighbors< _T >::DistanceFunction &distFun) override
void add (const _T &data) override
 Add an element to the datastructure.
void add (const std::vector< _T > &data) override
 Add a vector of points.
bool remove (const _T &data) override
 Remove an element from the datastructure.
_T nearest (const _T &data) const override
 Get the nearest neighbor of a point.
void nearestK (const _T &data, std::size_t k, std::vector< _T > &nbh) const override
 Return the k nearest neighbors in sorted order if searchParams_.sorted==true (the default)
void nearestR (const _T &data, double radius, std::vector< _T > &nbh) const override
 Return the nearest neighbors within distance radius in sorted order if searchParams_.sorted==true (the default)
std::size_t size () const override
 Get the number of elements in the datastructure.
void list (std::vector< _T > &data) const override
 Get all the elements in the datastructure.
virtual void setIndexParams (const std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > &params)
 Set the FLANN index parameters. More...
virtual const std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > & getIndexParams () const
 Get the FLANN parameters used to build the current index.
virtual void setSearchParams (const flann::SearchParams &searchParams)
 Set the FLANN parameters to be used during nearest neighbor searches.
flann::SearchParams & getSearchParams ()
 Get the FLANN parameters used during nearest neighbor searches.
const flann::SearchParams & getSearchParams () const
 Get the FLANN parameters used during nearest neighbor searches.
unsigned int getContainerSize () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >
virtual void setDistanceFunction (const DistanceFunction &distFun)
 Set the distance function to use.
const DistanceFunctiongetDistanceFunction () const
 Get the distance function used.

Protected Member Functions

void createIndex (const flann::Matrix< _T > &mat)
 Internal function to construct nearest neighbor data structure with initial elements stored in mat.
void rebuildIndex (unsigned int capacity=0)
 Rebuild the nearest neighbor data structure (necessary when changing the distance function or index parameters).
void createIndex (const flann::Matrix< double > &mat)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< _T > data_
 vector of data stored in FLANN's index. FLANN only indexes references, so we need store the original data.
flann::Index< _Dist > * index_
 The FLANN index (the actual index type depends on params_).
std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > params_
 The FLANN index parameters. This contains both the type of index and the parameters for that type.
flann::SearchParams searchParams_
 The parameters used to seach for nearest neighbors.
unsigned int dimension_
 If each element has an array-like structure that is exposed to FLANN, then the dimension_ needs to be set to the length of this array.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >
DistanceFunction distFun_
 The used distance function.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >
using DistanceFunction = std::function< double(const _T &, const _T &)>
 The definition of a distance function.

Detailed Description

template<typename _T, typename _Dist = FLANNDistance<_T>>
class ompl::NearestNeighborsFLANN< _T, _Dist >

Wrapper class for nearest neighbor data structures in the FLANN library.

See: M. Muja and D.G. Lowe, "Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbors with Automatic Algorithm Configuration", in International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP'09), 2009.

Definition at line 119 of file NearestNeighborsFLANN.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setIndexParams()

template<typename _T , typename _Dist = FLANNDistance<_T>>
virtual void ompl::NearestNeighborsFLANN< _T, _Dist >::setIndexParams ( const std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > &  params)

Set the FLANN index parameters.

The parameters determine the type of nearest neighbor data structure to be constructed.

Definition at line 273 of file NearestNeighborsFLANN.h.

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