ompl::AdjacencyList Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 AdjacencyList (int n)
void clear ()
int addVertex ()
int numVertices () const
bool vertexExists (int v) const
bool inSameComponent (int v1, int v2) const
int numConnectedComponents () const
int getComponentID (int vtx) const
bool addEdge (int v1, int v2, double weight=1.0)
bool removeEdge (int v1, int v2)
int numEdges () const
double getEdgeWeight (int v1, int v2) const
bool setEdgeWeight (int v1, int v2, double weight)
bool edgeExists (int v1, int v2) const
int numNeighbors (int vtx) const
void getNeighbors (int vtx, std::vector< int > &nbrs) const
void getNeighbors (int vtx, std::vector< std::pair< int, double > > &nbrs) const
bool dijkstra (int v1, int v2, std::vector< int > &path) const
void dijkstra (int vtx, std::vector< int > &predecessors, std::vector< double > &distance) const

Protected Attributes

boost::mutex lock_
void * graphRaw_
void * disjointSetsRaw_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file AdjacencyList.h.

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