ompl::base::MorseGoal Class Referenceabstract

This is a goal class that is more amenable to Python. More...

#include <ompl/extensions/morse/MorseGoal.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MorseGoal (SpaceInformationPtr si)
bool isSatisfied (const State *state) const
 Return true if state satisfies the goal.
bool isSatisfied (const State *state, double *distance) const
 Return true if state satisfies the goal, and store the distance to the goal in distance.
virtual bool isSatisfied_Py (const State *state) const =0
 To be implemented in Python; behaves like isSatisfied(state, &distance_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ompl::base::Goal
 Goal (const Goal &)=delete
Goaloperator= (const Goal &)=delete
 Goal (SpaceInformationPtr si)
 Constructor. The goal must always know the space information it is part of.
virtual ~Goal ()=default
template<class T >
T * as ()
 Cast this instance to a desired type. More...
template<class T >
const T * as () const
 Cast this instance to a desired type. More...
GoalType getType () const
 Return the goal type.
bool hasType (GoalType type) const
 Check if this goal can be cast to a particular goal type.
const SpaceInformationPtrgetSpaceInformation () const
 Get the space information this goal is for.
virtual bool isStartGoalPairValid (const State *, const State *) const
 Since there can be multiple starting states (and multiple goal states) it is possible certain pairs are not to be allowed. By default we however assume all such pairs are allowed. Note: if this function returns true, isSatisfied() need not be called.
virtual void print (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const
 Print information about the goal.

Public Attributes

double distance_
 Where MORSE will store the distance to goal during an isSatisfied() call.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ompl::base::Goal
GoalType type_
 Goal type.
SpaceInformationPtr si_
 The space information for this goal.

Detailed Description

This is a goal class that is more amenable to Python.

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