ompl::NearestNeighborsFLANNHierarchicalClustering< _T, _Dist > Class Template Reference
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- Public Types inherited from ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >
using DistanceFunction = std::function< double(const _T &, const _T &)>
 The definition of a distance function.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ompl::NearestNeighborsFLANN< _T, FLANNDistance< _T > >
 NearestNeighborsFLANN (std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > params)
void clear () override
 Clear the datastructure.
bool reportsSortedResults () const override
 Return true if the solutions reported by this data structure are sorted, when calling nearestK / nearestR.
void setDistanceFunction (const typename NearestNeighbors< _T >::DistanceFunction &distFun) override
void add (const _T &data) override
 Add an element to the datastructure.
void add (const std::vector< _T > &data) override
 Add a vector of points.
bool remove (const _T &data) override
 Remove an element from the datastructure.
_T nearest (const _T &data) const override
 Get the nearest neighbor of a point.
void nearestK (const _T &data, std::size_t k, std::vector< _T > &nbh) const override
 Return the k nearest neighbors in sorted order if searchParams_.sorted==true (the default)
void nearestR (const _T &data, double radius, std::vector< _T > &nbh) const override
 Return the nearest neighbors within distance radius in sorted order if searchParams_.sorted==true (the default)
std::size_t size () const override
 Get the number of elements in the datastructure.
void list (std::vector< _T > &data) const override
 Get all the elements in the datastructure.
virtual void setIndexParams (const std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > &params)
 Set the FLANN index parameters. More...
virtual const std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > & getIndexParams () const
 Get the FLANN parameters used to build the current index.
virtual void setSearchParams (const flann::SearchParams &searchParams)
 Set the FLANN parameters to be used during nearest neighbor searches.
flann::SearchParams & getSearchParams ()
 Get the FLANN parameters used during nearest neighbor searches.
const flann::SearchParams & getSearchParams () const
 Get the FLANN parameters used during nearest neighbor searches.
unsigned int getContainerSize () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >
virtual void setDistanceFunction (const DistanceFunction &distFun)
 Set the distance function to use.
const DistanceFunctiongetDistanceFunction () const
 Get the distance function used.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ompl::NearestNeighborsFLANN< _T, FLANNDistance< _T > >
void createIndex (const flann::Matrix< _T > &mat)
 Internal function to construct nearest neighbor data structure with initial elements stored in mat.
void createIndex (const flann::Matrix< double > &mat)
void rebuildIndex (unsigned int capacity=0)
 Rebuild the nearest neighbor data structure (necessary when changing the distance function or index parameters).
- Protected Attributes inherited from ompl::NearestNeighborsFLANN< _T, FLANNDistance< _T > >
std::vector< _T > data_
 vector of data stored in FLANN's index. FLANN only indexes references, so we need store the original data.
flann::Index< FLANNDistance< _T > > * index_
 The FLANN index (the actual index type depends on params_).
std::shared_ptr< flann::IndexParams > params_
 The FLANN index parameters. This contains both the type of index and the parameters for that type.
flann::SearchParams searchParams_
 The parameters used to seach for nearest neighbors.
unsigned int dimension_
 If each element has an array-like structure that is exposed to FLANN, then the dimension_ needs to be set to the length of this array.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >
DistanceFunction distFun_
 The used distance function.

Detailed Description

template<typename _T, typename _Dist = FLANNDistance<_T>>
class ompl::NearestNeighborsFLANNHierarchicalClustering< _T, _Dist >

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