ompl::base::PlannerSolution Struct Reference

Representation of a solution to a planning problem. More...

#include <ompl/base/ProblemDefinition.h>

Public Member Functions

 PlannerSolution (const PathPtr &path)
 Construct a solution that consists of a path and its attributes (whether it is approximate and the difference to the desired goal)
bool operator== (const PlannerSolution &p) const
 Return true if two solutions are the same.
bool operator< (const PlannerSolution &b) const
 Define a ranking for solutions.
void setApproximate (double difference)
 Specify that the solution is approximate and set the difference to the goal.
void setOptimized (const OptimizationObjectivePtr &opt, Cost cost, bool meetsObjective)
 Set the optimization objective used to optimize this solution, the cost of the solution and whether it was optimized or not.
void setPlannerName (const std::string &name)
 Set the name of the planner used to compute this solution.

Public Attributes

int index_ {-1}
 When multiple solutions are found, each is given a number starting at 0, so that the order in which the solutions was found can be retrieved.
PathPtr path_
 Solution path.
double length_
 For efficiency reasons, keep the length of the path as well.
bool approximate_ {false}
 True if goal was not achieved, but an approximate solution was found.
double difference_ {0.}
 The achieved difference between the found solution and the desired goal.
bool optimized_ {false}
 True if the solution was optimized to meet the specified optimization criterion.
OptimizationObjectivePtr opt_
 Optimization objective that was used to optimize this solution.
Cost cost_
 The cost of this solution path, with respect to the optimization objective.
std::string plannerName_
 Name of planner type that generated this solution, as received from Planner::getName()

Detailed Description

Representation of a solution to a planning problem.

Definition at line 133 of file ProblemDefinition.h.

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