ompl::geometric::Discretization< Motion >::CellData Struct Reference

The data held by a cell in the grid of motions. More...

#include <ompl/geometric/planners/kpiece/Discretization.h>

Public Attributes

std::vector< Motion * > motions
 The set of motions contained in this grid cell.
double coverage
 A measure of coverage for this cell. For this implementation, this is the sum of motion lengths.
unsigned int selections
 The number of times this cell has been selected for expansion.
double score
 A heuristic score computed based on distance to goal (if available), successes and failures at expanding from this cell.
unsigned int iteration
 The iteration at which this cell was created.
double importance
 The computed importance (based on other class members)

Detailed Description

template<typename Motion>
struct ompl::geometric::Discretization< Motion >::CellData

The data held by a cell in the grid of motions.

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