ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >, including all inherited members.

add(const _T &data)=0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
add(const std::vector< _T > &data)ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >inlinevirtual
clear()=0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
DistanceFunction typedefompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >
distFun_ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >protected
getDistanceFunction() constompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >inline
list(std::vector< _T > &data) const =0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
nearest(const _T &data) const =0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
nearestK(const _T &data, std::size_t k, std::vector< _T > &nbh) const =0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
NearestNeighbors()=default (defined in ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >)ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >
nearestR(const _T &data, double radius, std::vector< _T > &nbh) const =0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
remove(const _T &data)=0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
reportsSortedResults() const =0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
setDistanceFunction(const DistanceFunction &distFun)ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >inlinevirtual
size() const =0ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >pure virtual
~NearestNeighbors()=default (defined in ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >)ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >virtual