The Open Motion Planning Library

The Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL) consists of a set of sampling-based motion planning algorithms. The content of the library is limited to these algorithms, which means there is no environment specification, no collision detection or visualization. The library is designed so it can be easily integrated into systems that provide the additional needed components. For examples of complete systems using OMPL, see and MoveIt!. We have also developed a educational module on motion planning that is centered around We are looking for educational partners to use and further develop the material. Please contact us for more information.

OMPL is intended to be efficient, thread safe, easy to use, easily extensible and freely available (visit this project on Bitbucket).

Current version: 1.4.2
Released: Jul 29, 2019
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Contents of This Library

  • OMPL contains implementations of many sampling-based algorithms such as PRM, RRT, EST, SBL, KPIECE, SyCLOP, and several variants of these planners. See available planners for a complete list.
  • All these planners operate on very abstractly defined state spaces. Many commonly used state spaces are already implemented (e.g., SE(2), SE(3), Rn, etc.).
  • For any state space, different state samplers can be used (e.g., uniform, Gaussian, obstacle based, etc.).
  • API overview

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